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Product name : SHP

Graphite electrode SHP is between HP and UHP, and its physical and chemical indicators are close to ultra high power graphite electrode. They are widely used in ultra high power refining furnace and high power electric arc furnace for smelting steel. The manufacturing cost is sharply lower than UHP electrodes, and at the same time cost of steel making is reduced.


Graphite electrode SHP has the characteristics of using high quality petroleum coke and other materials, advanced manufacturing technology and complete properties in using.


Technical standard: graphite electrode SHP conform to Chinese technical standard and International standards. And all their physical and chemical indicators are better than the regular value of these standards.


Graphite electrode SHP are supplied with Certificate of quality and actual test characteristic.


Package: exported wooden lattice with steel straps.

Payment : T/T PREPAID and other.

Shipment : within 3-10 days.

Price: inquire prices under different delivery terms .We will give the good price and high quality.