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Hongkong Jinchang Development Limited and Jinchang Carbon Company Limited are supplier of graphite electrodes more than 10 years in China. We produce graphite electrodes with diameter 100-700mm and length 1600-2700mm following grades: RP,HP,SHP and UHP.


Our production base covers an area about 40,000 square meters and reaches 60,000 tons annual capacity of graphite electrodes. We have the complete production process with raw material preparation, mixing, extruding, roasting, impregnation, graphitization, physical and chemical inspection and mechanical processing.


Graphite electrodes are made of high quality petroleum coke and needle coke as main raw material and coal tar as binder. Graphite electrodes are widely used in electric arc furnace with direct current and alternating current, ladle furnace, also used in ferroalloy and cast iron production for smelting various metals, yellow phosphorus, silicon metal, steel and so on.


Our graphite electrodes are produced strictly on Chinese and international technical standards, and all their physical and chemical indicators are better than the regular value of these standards.


We select high quality raw materials and strictly monitor production process. Our production has high quality and stable performance.  


Our graphite electrodes have won users favor and trust with their low resistance, good electrical, thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength and high resistance to oxidation.They are used in Chinese metallurgical enterprises, and exported to the Italy, South Korea, Russia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries. The clients have established a long and stable relationship with us based on their trust in us.


Our advantage: quality stability, reasonable price, excellent service and prompt delivery. 

We are looking forward to cooperating with you. Your satisfaction and recognition is our target !